help tour osun -the first worldwide uni of sdg generation; goal 1
to end poverty of poorest communities
- design local health services, safety, food security, women-friendly communities start at the abed university of brac or any partners of world number 1 ngo collaboration economic maps
to start with arts - connect with the brad of leon botstein hubbed out of ny state
to maximise online- start at arizona state
to connect with global climate adaptability- start at vienna with the ceu or ba kn-mons alumni of global climate adaptability
to celebrate collaboration of new uni round africa and middle east start at ghana's ashesi techsocial uni celebrate by wise womens city university qatar and its main asian adviser singapore's mahbubani- wise inaugural laureate sir fazle abed
tell us where else you go to linkin the sd generation- if its not already connecting with osun how can adam smith or other community rising economists engineers help you make your place's designed to unite sd generation.
65 years ago macrae was only journalist to despatchnotes on birth of eu at messina; 58 years ago he was celebratin the rise of his wat-time foe japan- 2 years lter royal families of japan-uk made peace at tokyo lympics with prince charles inviting sony to inward invest in wales- by 1980 it emerged from a dinner in london attended by a daspora hungarian a diaspora scot, and italian named romano that the 1G to%G decades 1980 to 2020 would lnk the wold with ersnal devices from computers to mobile phones to smart watche- the hungarian was concerned with celebrating the freedom of eastern europeans as the berli wall began to fall chapters 10 5- after that here are the timelines of what teaches and youth neddd to befree to explore next - not everyone would join in at the same time though covergence would be critical with 2020s last safe decade to just do it- what's the exponential purpose of health economists - www.economisthealth.com or bank or womenn or green or black or japan or america or europe asia china or maps or university...in 1955
friends of jean monnet wanted to design the eu to live up to adam smith principles - any such purpose lost its way with common agricultural policy, and then the euro- worse the eu started to ignore the voice of italy the main eu country thatnew how to design win-win trades around med sea and as west end of what up to 1500 had been the greatest win-win relay across a continent - the silk and spices road
will the global uni partnership osun with the net generation be soros happiest legacy?
Which else was most exciting Jobs Creation movement George Soros ever funded? Join World Record Jobs Research
and ...
  • circa 1996 jim kim and paul farmer extension of PIH from Americas to Russia
  • from 1996 mobile village phones from mit quadir to bangladesh via yunus to brac's bkash with fazle abed, gates foundation, jack ma's alipay
  • in south africa 1978, black youth
  • circa 2008 with BRAC Liberia, sierra leone
  • with Gorbachev from 1992 Open Society Networking, CEU Budapest; out of green club of rome annual nobel summits, 20th Laureate Sir Fazle Abed, chief cheerleader Paul Farmer
  • circa 2009 pro-youth economics : ineteconomics.org
  • Thursday, March 12, 2020

    would it be possible to have a short meeting with you in baltimore in next 15 days or so?

    system conflict barriers of going post colonial post industrial and sustainable worldwide in 80 years
    my family of 4 generations of diaspora scots have been trying to system map with adam smith  common sense values -community rising entrepreneurship - pretty much across the globe -what with grandad sir ken mumbai chief justice for 20 years with gandhi -last job writing up india's independence

    ... and dad norman macrae surviving teenage navigation of airplanes over modernday myanmar in world war 2 and then making friends with japanese emperor/prince charles from 1962-4 and china by 1977 much to congress' chagrin

    dad at the economist last project sent young journalists to bangladesh -15 times cos after we invited directors of brac to a birthday party with dr yunus in 2009 with the bbc oceans and polar explorer paul rose but even he couldnt get yunus to want to collaborate - to start a journal with adam smith scholars- professor skinners last contribution attached

    i am just a statistician who helped mit collect the first database on what 50 countries societies wanted from global corporations but today everything to do with sustainable trade mapping seems to come back to translating smith into context out of every cultures interaction

    2 things are top of my priority list before easter in this virally controlled world

    1 how to find whomever values smith most to webinar a meeting out of london or glasgow before next student year- this is a request from vc of the south asian university https://www.bracu.ac.bd/about/people/professor-vincent-chang-phd that became fazle abed's legacy- fazle kindly debated this goal in 2012 at japan embassy remembrance party to my father norman macrae the economist's smithsian sub-editor- how could the worlds largest ngo partnership linkin girls sdg universities once he had gone? - project OSUN-weforum jan2020

    Fazle Abed died 20 dec 2019   hence timeline of vice chancellor vincent chang's request to stage summer smith event and make this one step to cop26 glasgow- friends of soros and ban ki-moon out of vienna ny state (as well as some brad schools in dc/baltimore/brooklyn) and online learning wizards out of arizona are busy on different parts of this jigsaw but we're never quite sure who gets smiths support for market transparency at community level essential for girls to safely  build sdg nations out of the least resources

    2 inclusion inner city americas youth
    along the way in trying to host remembrance parties to dad atlanta was due to host a nobel peace laureate summit 2015 (soros with club of rome is main sponsor of this gorbachev solidarite project) valuing luther king, mandela and putting obamas legacy into youth hands especially hbuc colleges and caribbean ones - somehow all the great and the good quarreled with each other so atlanta never got youth to the start line... 5 years on

     friends in baltimore are within my circles the last ones left standing where we still chat about how can inner city black students rebuild communities cheered on by rev al hathaway - do you already know him or is there a different circle of bloomberg cities that include students of color

    all mistakes in reporting solely mine
    chris macrae norman macrae foundation bethesda +1 240 316 8157

    oops its not well known in usa that sir fazle abed is adam smith's action learning servant leader at year 210-260 of industrial revolution begun by watt and smith in glasgow- having graduated at glasgow uni around 1960 he took smith values to royal dutch shell before 50 years mapping them out of rural womens bangladesh- hence priority of abed university to issue some joint declaration of common sense economics out of london glasgow dhaka vienna rotterdam and other sister cities this summer- al hathaways community nurtured thurgood marshall and was the first successful reparation black girls got from the 13th amendment- a special enough space for pope francis to receive al in italy's happier days

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