help tour osun -the first worldwide uni of sdg generation; goal 1
to end poverty of poorest communities
- design local health services, safety, food security, women-friendly communities start at the abed university of brac or any partners of world number 1 ngo collaboration economic maps
to start with arts - connect with the brad of leon botstein hubbed out of ny state
to maximise online- start at arizona state
to connect with global climate adaptability- start at vienna with the ceu or ba kn-mons alumni of global climate adaptability
to celebrate collaboration of new uni round africa and middle east start at ghana's ashesi techsocial uni celebrate by wise womens city university qatar and its main asian adviser singapore's mahbubani- wise inaugural laureate sir fazle abed
tell us where else you go to linkin the sd generation- if its not already connecting with osun how can adam smith or other community rising economists engineers help you make your place's designed to unite sd generation.
65 years ago macrae was only journalist to despatchnotes on birth of eu at messina; 58 years ago he was celebratin the rise of his wat-time foe japan- 2 years lter royal families of japan-uk made peace at tokyo lympics with prince charles inviting sony to inward invest in wales- by 1980 it emerged from a dinner in london attended by a daspora hungarian a diaspora scot, and italian named romano that the 1G to%G decades 1980 to 2020 would lnk the wold with ersnal devices from computers to mobile phones to smart watche- the hungarian was concerned with celebrating the freedom of eastern europeans as the berli wall began to fall chapters 10 5- after that here are the timelines of what teaches and youth neddd to befree to explore next - not everyone would join in at the same time though covergence would be critical with 2020s last safe decade to just do it- what's the exponential purpose of health economists - www.economisthealth.com or bank or womenn or green or black or japan or america or europe asia china or maps or university...in 1955
friends of jean monnet wanted to design the eu to live up to adam smith principles - any such purpose lost its way with common agricultural policy, and then the euro- worse the eu started to ignore the voice of italy the main eu country thatnew how to design win-win trades around med sea and as west end of what up to 1500 had been the greatest win-win relay across a continent - the silk and spices road
will the global uni partnership osun with the net generation be soros happiest legacy?
Which else was most exciting Jobs Creation movement George Soros ever funded? Join World Record Jobs Research
and ...
  • circa 1996 jim kim and paul farmer extension of PIH from Americas to Russia
  • from 1996 mobile village phones from mit quadir to bangladesh via yunus to brac's bkash with fazle abed, gates foundation, jack ma's alipay
  • in south africa 1978, black youth
  • circa 2008 with BRAC Liberia, sierra leone
  • with Gorbachev from 1992 Open Society Networking, CEU Budapest; out of green club of rome annual nobel summits, 20th Laureate Sir Fazle Abed, chief cheerleader Paul Farmer
  • circa 2009 pro-youth economics : ineteconomics.org
  • Monday, May 4, 2020

    please can we confirm best time eg does 9am east coast time tuesday work- any time's good for me but i assume early is best not to get too late in india

    i am updating a lot of research on soros networks which i hope to be able to send by next weekend

    there are a lot of complicating factors but the first question i would like to debate is which indian  university partner would be best for osun  launched by soros jan world economic forum to converge impacts of all his lifes knowhow/solidarite with societies- in other words is there one uni vice chancellor that all of you trust most as well as seeing compatible with soros and eg tatas circle of top ndia founding business families

    whats complicated at least as i search
    soros is over 90 - in legacy phase of life
    he has several progeny- as far as i can see alex soros is the society leader

    soros has 2 main boards at new york offices that are about 3 blocks apart

    the investment fund isnt easy for me to identify members - great if you can

    the global board of open society starts off clear enough here

    tricky about global board is: only one educator botstein- however botstein has been vice chancellor for bard over 40 years, lives about hour north of soros at new york campus but has created 2 youth hubs in new york- the osun annoucement says all 20 first partners coordinate through botstein but i am told by some of his new york staff that no getogethers happened before the virus lockdown- a big one had been intended in vienna as early as april then june but that too has been postponed  botstein is also world class musician and author book calling for revolution in us education 11th, 12th grade inner cities - but his people are only just experimenting with online zoom - arizona state is stated as main online partner across osun which makes sense because craig barrett former intel ceo made this retirement purpose but i cant yet find any connection of arizona state and rest of osun

    when i say the board has no people who do education -of course soros himself founded central european uni 30 years ago and just last november as the krishnans know it moved from budapest that i had visited to vienna

    to add to complications many believe that soros unique success as philanthropist was last mile health especially infectious disease control - jim kim paul farmer boston fazle abed bangladesh but there is no direct boston representation at osun- after 13 months of disappearing from youth summits jim kim announced 2 weeks ago he has left the infrastructure investment back and gone back to boston partners i health to empower boston as a benchmark us city for tracing- so another overlap with core purpose of batra family and partners

    i will keep looking but on the open society leadership teams i cant yet find who soros trusts most on india's fifth of world population sdgs - hoping you can search what i have so far failed to clarify

    cheers chris -tours - lockdown location 20 minutes walk us national institutes of health

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