compare other WRJ here - soros is america's top 2 philantropist along with giving fund of gates/buffett etc...AS FAR AS I CAN SEE
Soros foundations are a case uniquely worth because they have never suffered from one of the ailments of not for profit world which like government seems to absolve itself from the discipline of positive cashflow - see next right;
very best cases of soros:
**south africa seeding fight against apartheid-see far right
**global fund helping jim/kim /farmer in middle of global fund early 2000 -see mid right and apparently its sad ending feb 2022 with death of paul farmer following covid and death of fazle abed leaving jim kim in boston in his mid 60s with (haiti rwanda) but only a charity ,model? 
**finding bangladesh women empowerment second time -ie partnerships with fazle abed finding bangladesh first time-more middle right
** the huge impact of being first to partner poorest villagers with mobile phones (below 1995 on)
**the complicated partnership with gorbachev -middle 
**the call to unite graduates around the world who want to collaborate across alumni groups in their race to be the sustainability not the extinction generation
what I love about all these things - they were worth a try -apparently soros didn't blame anyone as long as they tried their best with his money
Entrepreneurs advancing the human lot (according to 150 yeras of diaries the economist 1843-1990 - has happened when a founder of a solution people need has deigned a positive cash flow model round the purpose of maximising peoples affordable access. So if not for profits are about systems that fail to help communities entrepreneurially start up positive cash flow models to resolve communities sdg needs I am unsure what the purpose is.WHITES WRONGS -even if you are a daispora sct- the curse of being a white european (less than one eight of the human race) is we did slave trade, genocide across the new world as well as gun fights in which texas became the operating system of the usa (oil power, enough gun power to force mexicans to sell the west coast) even as dc apparently mediated over laws, colonisation -britannia having first access to engines but being repelled by usa doubled up under the worst corporation the world has ever seen colo0nising south asia and closing china to world trade for over a century as the chinese sensibly declined to accept opium as a currency- the consequ7nece of the human wrongs was world war 2 - the un was birthed around 3 challenges - seeing the advanced economies kick start; outlasting stalin -sadly one od the 2 maddest men to rule would win world war 2 as they were on opposite sides; helping the 75% of people that white empires had left out of access to engineering as they grew their places (with independence); depending how you look at history 1945-1989 - human development did some amazingly positive things to the death of jf kennedy; it stopped doing anything but outlast the cold war; from the early 1980s as it was clear ussr was not sustainable soros did the decent thing of trying to help gorbachev and when he lost inside russia started the open society foundation with him and backed parallel networks situated on the boundary between rome and the vatican- particularly gorbachev chairing of the nobel peace laureate summit which shared the same secretariat as the green club of romeI am aware that soros and jim kim and paul farmer found each other at start of 21st century; this was very good because between them bush's only totally positive impact emerged : global fund - by clarifying overlapping needs in fighting tb and aids global progress was made in combatting both of these diseases - the very best of this progress was wherever kim-farmer-soros also found brilliant bottom up health service networks; in many ways these continued what unicef's james grant had done; when they all found sir fazle abed (bangladesh woemn empowerment) as did bill gates this was one of the great leaps forward for humanity; peculiarly soros had also hugely helped bangladesh around 1995 though i have never seen his foundation take full credit for being first to invest in mobile ends poverty (help needed to understand)....I was at argubalky sors' hapiest moment reurning to his ciry of birth 2012- celebarting sir fazle abed as 20th open society laureate; paul farmer gace a side lecture; ceu university looked lik e a becaon for freedom - within a year of two budapest was flooded by refugees; the government5 turned right and against soros; eu joined in making it impossible for the university to keep its students both safe and free of speech - requiring a move to vienna whcich has ben slowed down by covid

for me this is also a tragedy ; maybe i was starry eyed but my first and only visit to budapest saw the convergence of 3 great heroes - fazle abed whose empowerment has reached billion poorest village women; the birth place and education system that grew von neumann - whose tech advances we have been compounding 100 fold since 1955; and soros... ..
Can anyone help me i understand soros first foundation intervention supported south african black youth end apartheid ; clearly that was on the correct side of history; as far as I know soros only claims a small part of that but it convinced him he could do good; 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Over 40 years of societal research, the simplicity of grounded theory makes it my favorite learning game. Its open dynamic is not just iterative but recursive - the quality proven to empower human mind as always more sustainably innovative than computers (Turing)  You start with a transcript of a conversation or lecture. The student is empowered to highlight two or three texts that she is most curious about -eg
 wor_dbankce3.jpg The teacher and student then Q&A around the highlighted texts
In my attempt to explore week 3 videos: I would like to inquire what concept of service process the teacher has? Back in 1982 my father (Norman Macrae's end poverty)  friends at The Economist noticed that the industrial age was no longer the main value driver of the bigger economies- human service was.
 If millennials were to be sustainable ten we would need a gamechanger in auditing leadership from manufacturing things to service (alive and human) to knowledge multiplying value (were boundary collaboration /open design takes even economics above the constraints of zero sum thinking - first western thinker to trust on this in modern age orbit is Von Neumann)

So they surveyed intrapreneurship as a bottom-up way of designing service franchises. hoping it would become a curriculum from grade 5 up before elearning reached the tipping point of open learning campus

For a current example if a national airline was truly intrapreneurial its crew processes would be designed around what crews said they needed to be mutually socially emotionally intelligent day after day after day- not at all the same thing as an airline designed around maximising profit quarter after quarter after quarter. (Advanced questions on above from peer networks in Rome as one of youth's premier league of sustainability  capitals: What did Pope Francis say at European Union Strasbourg last fall and what will he say to US Congress this september 24) 

GT week 3 Question 2 after discussion with
1.0 20th C Theory of development - a process run between governments
2.1 Mobilised since 1996 Bangladesh among partners of womens empowerment ( initially Soros fund, Yunus women villagers networks, MIT open tech wizardry, norway's telenor infrastructure)

So i would also ask : are we free in this course to discuss the bottom-up mindset which considers how different 2.1 public service delivery in villager engagement is from the top-down processing of 1.1 citizen engagement in public service. 

For gamechanging bottom-up and open system designs read anything on nature's evolutionary code or   from jim kim or paul farmer or pope francis or the south american schools of Preferential Option Poor or Pedagogy of Oppressed or now being celebrated by 7th grade south african girls with ipad connections to the mandela extranet partners . 

Example POP: 1-2-3 Value recursion grounded (started 34 years ago tanks to Paul Farrners Twinning of Boston and Haiti and community grounded Catholic vision across continent of americas (updated next week in panama ))   if you start from service living wit the poorest, then not only 1) empowering them with service knowledge (eg up to 90% of staff at are former patients just as kenya's slum microcredit was founded around over 90% of staff being former youth clients), but 2) how to get out of any poverty traps and 3) celebrating with the millennials world how every advance in new technology can mobilse new value co-creation with the poorest. (Ultimately if economics saw its role as optimalising 7 billion human livelihoods the sustainability impacts would be huge.. )

Further references - 1982 The Economist and Gifford-PInchots: We are all Intrapreneurial Now

April 30th BRAC and University of Berkeley take studies of bangaldesh development designs to a new level

Last week at UN womens empowerment conference the Kenyan "second lady's" case of empowering joyful women villagers services through 5 billion person elearning satellite  . Two weeks ago the same team asked about what is the world favorite replicable clean water franchise for the poorest. I did try to send that question to several of the designers of tgis course but ... beter luck on tuberculosis where shelly batra's world bank tedx talk is now prime time on te 5 billion persons elearning satellite in recogintion of last tuesday celebrations of TV day at the house of congress