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yunus 1996 first mobile phone network of worlds poorest mothers, and ...
  • circa 1996 jim kim and paul farmer extension of PIH from Americas to Russia
  • in south africa 1978, black youth
  • circa 2008 with BRAC Liberia
  • with Gorbachev from 1992 Open Society Networking, CEU Budapest; 20th Laureate Sir Fazle Abed, chief cheerleader Paul Farmer
  • circa 2009 pro-youth economics : ineteconomics.org
  • Sunday, August 3, 2014

    Over 40 years of societal research, the simplicity of grounded theory makes it my favorite learning game. Its open dynamic is not just iterative but recursive - the quality proven to empower human mind as always more sustainably innovative than computers (Turing)  You start with a transcript of a conversation or lecture. The student is empowered to highlight two or three texts that she is most curious about -eg
     wor_dbankce3.jpg The teacher and student then Q&A around the highlighted texts
    In my attempt to explore week 3 videos: I would like to inquire what concept of service process the teacher has? Back in 1982 my father (Norman Macrae's end poverty)  friends at The Economist noticed that the industrial age was no longer the main value driver of the bigger economies- human service was.
     If millennials were to be sustainable ten we would need a gamechanger in auditing leadership from manufacturing things to service (alive and human) to knowledge multiplying value (were boundary collaboration /open design takes even economics above the constraints of zero sum thinking - first western thinker to trust on this in modern age orbit is Von Neumann)

    So they surveyed intrapreneurship as a bottom-up way of designing service franchises. hoping it would become a curriculum from grade 5 up before elearning reached the tipping point of open learning campus

    For a current example if a national airline was truly intrapreneurial its crew processes would be designed around what crews said they needed to be mutually socially emotionally intelligent day after day after day- not at all the same thing as an airline designed around maximising profit quarter after quarter after quarter. (Advanced questions on above from peer networks in Rome as one of youth's premier league of sustainability  capitals: What did Pope Francis say at European Union Strasbourg last fall and what will he say to US Congress this september 24) 

    GT week 3 Question 2 after discussion with http://www.unwomens.com
    1.0 20th C Theory of development - a process run between governments
    2.1 Mobilised since 1996 Bangladesh among partners of womens empowerment ( initially Soros fund, Yunus women villagers networks, MIT open tech wizardry, norway's telenor infrastructure)

    So i would also ask : are we free in this course to discuss the bottom-up mindset which considers how different 2.1 public service delivery in villager engagement is from the top-down processing of 1.1 citizen engagement in public service. 

    For gamechanging bottom-up and open system designs read anything on nature's evolutionary code or   from jim kim or paul farmer or pope francis or the south american schools of Preferential Option Poor or Pedagogy of Oppressed or now being celebrated by 7th grade south african girls with ipad connections to the mandela extranet partners . 

    Example POP: 1-2-3 Value recursion grounded (started 34 years ago tanks to Paul Farrners Twinning of Boston and Haiti and community grounded Catholic vision across continent of americas (updated next week in panama ))   if you start from service living wit the poorest, then not only 1) empowering them with service knowledge (eg up to 90% of staff at www.pih.org are former patients just as kenya's slum microcredit was founded around over 90% of staff being former youth clients), but 2) how to get out of any poverty traps and 3) celebrating with the millennials world how every advance in new technology can mobilse new value co-creation with the poorest. (Ultimately if economics saw its role as optimalising 7 billion human livelihoods the sustainability impacts would be huge.. )

    Further references - 1982 The Economist and Gifford-PInchots: We are all Intrapreneurial Now

    April 30th BRAC and University of Berkeley take studies of bangaldesh development designs to a new level

    Last week at UN womens empowerment conference the Kenyan "second lady's" case of empowering joyful women villagers services through 5 billion person elearning satellite  . Two weeks ago the same team asked about what is the world favorite replicable clean water franchise for the poorest. I did try to send that question to several of the designers of tgis course but ... beter luck on tuberculosis where shelly batra's world bank tedx talk is now prime time on te 5 billion persons elearning satellite in recogintion of last tuesday celebrations of TV day at the house of congress

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