....blog is also known as yunusbrand because in 1996 partnership of soros launched most valuable of yunusbrand (and of Bangladesh companies) Grameen Phone starting movement of mobile women empowerment 1 2 3 -see also yunus as last experimental partner of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution -twitter, Norman Macrae minor funding road to atlanta- boardroom youtube- UG's last articles .. journal of social business with adam smith scholars......

Which was most exciting Jobs Creation movement George Soros ever funded? Join World Record Jobs Research (YB.com, UG.com, VT.com ) Soros funded:
yunus 1996 first mobile phone network of worlds poorest mothers, and ...
  • circa 1996 jim kim and paul farmer extension of PIH from Americas to Russia
  • in south africa 1978, black youth
  • circa 2008 with BRAC Liberia
  • with Gorbachev from 1992 Open Society Networking, CEU Budapest; 20th Laureate Sir Fazle Abed, chief cheerleader Paul Farmer
  • circa 2009 pro-youth economics : ineteconomics.org
  • Friday, March 27, 2015

    George Soros was first person to invest in mobile yunus lab and women empowerment in 1996 and thence www.unwomens.com,

     and  in south african youth in 1978 and thence 16 years of mandela extranet partnerships started up in 1999,

     and in gorbachev open society in 1992 and thence to Budapest and Rome being the last 2 chances of saving lost generations of youth fomte finacial tyrammies or berlin and basle and brussels now your www.entrepreneurialunion.com

    and oops second main investor in 1996 in farmer's www.pih.org and POP goes http://www.jimkim.info , and in BRAC coming to west africa and in helping last mile networkers end ebola- so we hope those who value soros as millennials greatest investors in jobseconomics also enjoy this review of advances in open learning generation <

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