compare other WRJ here - soros is america's top 2 philantropist along with giving fund of gates/buffett etc...AS FAR AS I CAN SEE
Soros foundations are a case uniquely worth because they have never suffered from one of the ailments of not for profit world which like government seems to absolve itself from the discipline of positive cashflow - see next right;
very best cases of soros:
**south africa seeding fight against apartheid-see far right
**global fund helping jim/kim /farmer in middle of global fund early 2000 -see mid right and apparently its sad ending feb 2022 with death of paul farmer following covid and death of fazle abed leaving jim kim in boston in his mid 60s with (haiti rwanda) but only a charity ,model? 
**finding bangladesh women empowerment second time -ie partnerships with fazle abed finding bangladesh first time-more middle right
** the huge impact of being first to partner poorest villagers with mobile phones (below 1995 on)
**the complicated partnership with gorbachev -middle 
**the call to unite graduates around the world who want to collaborate across alumni groups in their race to be the sustainability not the extinction generation
what I love about all these things - they were worth a try -apparently soros didn't blame anyone as long as they tried their best with his money
Entrepreneurs advancing the human lot (according to 150 yeras of diaries the economist 1843-1990 - has happened when a founder of a solution people need has deigned a positive cash flow model round the purpose of maximising peoples affordable access. So if not for profits are about systems that fail to help communities entrepreneurially start up positive cash flow models to resolve communities sdg needs I am unsure what the purpose is.WHITES WRONGS -even if you are a daispora sct- the curse of being a white european (less than one eight of the human race) is we did slave trade, genocide across the new world as well as gun fights in which texas became the operating system of the usa (oil power, enough gun power to force mexicans to sell the west coast) even as dc apparently mediated over laws, colonisation -britannia having first access to engines but being repelled by usa doubled up under the worst corporation the world has ever seen colo0nising south asia and closing china to world trade for over a century as the chinese sensibly declined to accept opium as a currency- the consequ7nece of the human wrongs was world war 2 - the un was birthed around 3 challenges - seeing the advanced economies kick start; outlasting stalin -sadly one od the 2 maddest men to rule would win world war 2 as they were on opposite sides; helping the 75% of people that white empires had left out of access to engineering as they grew their places (with independence); depending how you look at history 1945-1989 - human development did some amazingly positive things to the death of jf kennedy; it stopped doing anything but outlast the cold war; from the early 1980s as it was clear ussr was not sustainable soros did the decent thing of trying to help gorbachev and when he lost inside russia started the open society foundation with him and backed parallel networks situated on the boundary between rome and the vatican- particularly gorbachev chairing of the nobel peace laureate summit which shared the same secretariat as the green club of romeI am aware that soros and jim kim and paul farmer found each other at start of 21st century; this was very good because between them bush's only totally positive impact emerged : global fund - by clarifying overlapping needs in fighting tb and aids global progress was made in combatting both of these diseases - the very best of this progress was wherever kim-farmer-soros also found brilliant bottom up health service networks; in many ways these continued what unicef's james grant had done; when they all found sir fazle abed (bangladesh woemn empowerment) as did bill gates this was one of the great leaps forward for humanity; peculiarly soros had also hugely helped bangladesh around 1995 though i have never seen his foundation take full credit for being first to invest in mobile ends poverty (help needed to understand)....I was at argubalky sors' hapiest moment reurning to his ciry of birth 2012- celebarting sir fazle abed as 20th open society laureate; paul farmer gace a side lecture; ceu university looked lik e a becaon for freedom - within a year of two budapest was flooded by refugees; the government5 turned right and against soros; eu joined in making it impossible for the university to keep its students both safe and free of speech - requiring a move to vienna whcich has ben slowed down by covid

for me this is also a tragedy ; maybe i was starry eyed but my first and only visit to budapest saw the convergence of 3 great heroes - fazle abed whose empowerment has reached billion poorest village women; the birth place and education system that grew von neumann - whose tech advances we have been compounding 100 fold since 1955; and soros... ..
Can anyone help me i understand soros first foundation intervention supported south african black youth end apartheid ; clearly that was on the correct side of history; as far as I know soros only claims a small part of that but it convinced him he could do good; 

Monday, February 28, 2022

 I aim to submit a paper next week to unesco's global university conference in barcelona though quite frankly i have more hope for the survey with non neumann's daughter AI Hall of fame - pilot stage 20 nominations from around the world of entrepreneurial revolution /technologists linked by johnny's gift of 100 time more tech per decade (aka moores law) of he was alive) would celebrate as pivotal to under 30s as first sustainability generation. This survey has particular challenges - eg is there a germanic group who accept this is the only way to outlast putin. It is a pity that soros central european university seems to have lost the freedom to be in the middle of this unless eg malloch brown has a plan that he has not yet launched. There is however a space in the hague that will likely determine whether abed alumni flourish in the 2020s. My understanding is (climate adaptability) has moved from vienna/ban ki-moon to the hague; and that those solutions abed designed for worldwide dissemination though university partners (particularly ultra poor but also core learning elements of pre-school) depend om brac international out of the hague (the dutrch royal family also supports both literacy and financial inclusion through un envoys roles but gordon brown does not seem to have integrated that in his special education envoy roles which have spintered into 2 hi-tech commissions and 2 low tech refugee movements neither of which connect with yidan or wise). Only the Hague can keep Abed practice open until or unless what drives brac out of dhaka is settled. There are people like Makoto who can apply asian consciousness movements like musician/arts for all  (which could also have been botstein's legacy and indeed paulo freire community engagers being vatican university's hub, a few minutes walk from the secretariat of green club of rome and the gorbachev/soros annual nobel peace laureates summit, as well as origin of the clares - franciscan women have always been last mile health networkers) without needing to know that the abed half century of knowhow seems to be at a crossroads. If you pass through new york again , we search to maximise both arts/sports/fashion and von neumann ai hall of fame surveys - in the latter case through wall street people claiming ESG can change the world and un related friends who see sdgs as demanding Collabs around abed's non linear education friamework instead of the standarsied linear one (that can be seen to have enforced colonisation not smithian morality/commonwealth..)

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