....blog is also known as yunusbrand because in 1996 partnership of soros launched most valuable of yunusbrand (and of Bangladesh companies) Grameen Phone starting movement of mobile women empowerment 1 2 3 -see also yunus as last experimental partner of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution -twitter, Norman Macrae minor funding road to atlanta- boardroom youtube- UG's last articles .. journal of social business with adam smith scholars......

Which was most exciting Jobs Creation movement George Soros ever funded? Join World Record Jobs Research (YB.com, UG.com, VT.com ) Soros funded:
yunus 1996 first mobile phone network of worlds poorest mothers, and ...
  • circa 1996 jim kim and paul farmer extension of PIH from Americas to Russia
  • in south africa 1978, black youth
  • circa 2008 with BRAC Liberia
  • with Gorbachev from 1992 Open Society Networking, CEU Budapest; 20th Laureate Sir Fazle Abed, chief cheerleader Paul Farmer
  • circa 2009 pro-youth economics : ineteconomics.org
  • Friday, January 10, 2014

    About us 1972 was one of the most exciting years on the planet. In Bangladesh ( barely 1 -year old as a new nation) Job-creating village networks started to emerge around the poorest mothers on the planet - thanks to the most purpose-led systems I have ever encountered: BRAC and then Grameen. DR Yunus became the face of worldwide job creation by and for the poorest mothers. and their next generations. In the same year, my father Norman Macrae who, after spending his last days as a teenager navigating RAF airplanes in ww2 over Bangladesh,a nd who  had been mentored by Keynes that the main job of economist is to end poverty through developing livelihoods - first saw students testing digital earning networks.

    Dad spent rest of his life debating how and why smart networking media could be the most collaborative innovation our human race ever connects around the planet- he started the curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist. My fathers' last public celebration (birthday 85 occurred in 2008- the guest he was overjoyed to celebrate at the Royal Automobile Club in Saint James was Dr Muhammad Yunus. Anyway we love all job creating networks and brands- who do your ne(x)t generation vote for as number 1 collaboration brand of job creation. One of father's impudent mediation stories made the yunus party even more fun- back in the day he had helped elect the RAC's first female member (at the time london's most empowering womens journalist without the members fully knowing who'd they'd elected)
    links to youth co-branding with yunus include YCL SfH W4E YB.com MOOCyunus rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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